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The Biggest Hallmark To Narcissistic Relationships

2 min readJul 22, 2022

Without spending too much building up to it, the hallmark of narcissistic relationships is PATTERNS.

While in a relationship with a narcissist, you are quite likely to run into a number of problems and endless arguments.

Like any relationship, when it comes to conflict, the best solution is to solve it ASAP. Talking it out and such; gaining some common ground along the way. It’s the least you can do.

Confronting this will be a result of things, including but not exclusive to:

The narcissist refuses to understand why there may be a problem.

Deflecting conversations, assuming the role of rejecting any and all responsibility.

Deliberately ignoring the point you’re trying to make, leading you to talk in circles, ultimately going nowhere.

Shifting the blame onto you the moment you reach your boiling point.

And the argument/confrontation only reaches its end, not because there’s a resolve, but simply due to the narcissist refusing to take accountability for what they’ve done.

You might even reach the conclusion that they just simply misunderstood you. Or perhaps didn’t explain it effectively.

You may also assume that it won’t happen again. It was just a mistake. It was just a slip-up.

Falling into this line of thinking works in the favor of the narcissist as this allows the destructive patterns to continue without any repercussions.

The worst part is, and not long after, they’ll make the same mistake to never be held accountable.

And even if you talk it over with them, the same tactics from before will resurface to once again never reach a healthy resolve.

This would only birth animosity between you two, which only grows with time so long as their patterns go unrecognized.

Overall, the hallmark to narcissistic relationships is the patterns they exhibit.