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The Difference Between A Narcissist and An Avoidant Personality Type



At times, covert narcissists display great charm and sociability, while also having a tendency to be introverted but not fearful.

Individuals with an avoidant disposition experience genuine fear when it comes to causing harm or being hurt by others.

Narcissists place themselves on a pedestal above others, and covert narcissists follow a similar pattern, albeit in a more hidden manner. Instead of openly expressing rage, they choose to withhold and subtly undermine others.

People with avoidant personalities tend to view themselves as inferior to others. They frequently feel lonely and apprehensive about initiating social interactions. Rather than attacking or belittling others, they direct their self-hatred towards themselves when they make mistakes or become upset.

Narcissists primarily rely on deception. They deceive both themselves and others to gain undeserved admiration, care, and to evade responsibility. These individuals camouflage themselves as harmless individuals within a group. Covert narcissists employ similar tactics but present themselves as humble while simultaneously degrading and subtly suggesting negative ideas, all while concealing their true intentions.

Avoidant individuals experience intense fear even when it comes to disappointing their therapists. They feel immense shame, which drives them to avoid hurting others or becoming entangled in relationships. Consequently, they often endure profound and agonizing loneliness, despite genuinely caring about and desiring friendships.

Narcissists, including covert narcissists, respond to disappointment by smirking and deflecting blame onto others. They then gather a group of individuals who validate their lies, engage in blame-shifting, and smear the victim.

Avoidant individuals are deeply distressed by the mere possibility of disappointing others. They experience personal anguish when they perceive that they might make mistakes. Unlike quiet covert narcissists, they do not engage in blame-shifting, smearing, triangulation, or degradation.

The contrast between the Avoidant type and covert narcissists is like night and day. Covert narcissists are essentially regular…