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The Troubles Of Unrequited Love

And it starts from the moment you meet them.

3 min readMar 24, 2022


The eye contact that chills your spine, the butterflies somersaulting in your stomach, just the mere thought of them sends goosebumps all over your skin.

Your eyes wonder and you can’t concentrate whenever they’re around; despite feeling a little embarrassed for approaching them, you do so anyway and exchange numbers in the hope that at least a friendship will develop.

I mean, they’re cool, you’re cool, you should hang out or something. Or whatever. So you’re familiar now and feelings begin to bloom, but…

It becomes harder to remain nonchalant. Your moderate interest in this person turns into consistently checking your phone to see if they’ve contacted you or responded to your last text…absolute elation when they do, and utter despair when they don’t.

But you keep telling yourself that it’s cool. That you don’t even know them that well, and they probably don’t even want to know you (

Otherwise they would be making an effort by now, right?

They text you something vague and impersonal every once in a while, and this is enough to send your heart soaring into the sky. You respond straight away, but they don’t. And as this continues, your self-esteem begins to drop and you question everything.

Why aren’t they contacting me? I expect they’re just busy. Or is it me? Is three texts in a row too much? I don’t wanna seem like I’m watching their every move… but I don’t want to look like I don’t care about them either. Why am I thinking about them? They’d never think about me like this.

It hurts, from the pit of your stomach, to the backs of your eyes. You can’t concentrate on any thing.

You forego activities with friends and family, to keep yourself available for this person just in case they want to meet up with you. You feel sick every day, your appetite drops, enthusiasm for everything decreases and you are left with the most bitter, raging emptiness you’ve ever felt in your whole life. Or so it seems, but it somehow feels like all your fault.

Despite the pain it causes you, you carry on quietly pursuing this person. You silently scream to yourself…