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This Will Create Ever-lasting Regret For Narcissists

As nefarious as they can be, for them to feel regret is possible

5 min readOct 17, 2023


The key lies in leveraging reverse psychology, albeit unintentionally.

Allow me to explain.

In my experience, narcissists possess an uncanny sensitivity to the thoughts, feelings, needs, and desires of their partners, albeit in a thoroughly inverted manner. They seem to instantly oppose anything you say, as if they seek your counsel on what NOT to do.

These individuals are characterized by their irrationality, argumentativeness, and underlying insecurities, which often render them unaware of their own true desires. However, within the passive-aggressive realm they inhabit, known only to them, the reality contradicts common perception.

If you repeatedly express your hurt to someone, particularly if they are already highly reactive and sensitive to criticism, they may gradually become colder and even more resistant to acknowledging their faults.

They find it unbearable to be criticized and exposed, even when confronted with irrefutable evidence of their wrongdoing. Calling them out on their mistakes is likely to traumatize them, and any display of anger on your part will be consistently deemed inappropriate and wrong in the narcissist’s eyes.

Chances are, you’ve engaged in multiple arguments with them about their disappointments, deceptions, and the pain they’ve inflicted upon you. Most likely, you’ve tried to convince them of the hurt they’ve caused, only to be met with their increasing emotional detachment and furious outbursts.

It’s best to break this cycle; the longer you try to persuade them of the truth, the more entrenched they become in their distorted version of events. Anyway, your attempts will make you appear as a more reprehensible individual in their eyes, fostering a deeper resentment for your attempts to make them feel bad.

They don’t concern themselves with the reasons for your distress, and often, they don’t care to inquire. They won’t make an effort to offer a sincere apology that could facilitate a return to a normal, loving dynamic. Instead, they will treat you as if you were a disgustingly unreasonable…