What If?

1 min readDec 29, 2021


Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

What if this all is a lie, this all is a bad dream

What if there is no helplessness, there is no scream

What if people don’t scuffle, they don’t brawl

What if there’s love everywhere, and every teardrop is a waterfall

What if people live in harmony and there’s a sense of belonging

What if there are songs of hope and freedom that everyone can sing

What if there’s no uncertainty, there’s no feeling of trepidation

What if we all help each other and the whole world lives as one nation

What if you know what’s been done with your taxes

What if there is no gender bias, no discrimination between sexes

What if you don’t cringe seeing your government fail

What if there’s no despair, and only hope prevails

What if there’s no violence, there’s no sin

What if the world is a happy happy place to be in

Wrote this awhile back. Just some things that I often ponder about.




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