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Why Being With A Narcissists Can Be Blood-Sucking Torture

Leave and avoid it at all costs

2 min readSep 14, 2022


In order for a relationship with a narcissist to function, one would have to accept that all, most, if not all emotional investment(s) will be one-sided. And you certainly won’t expect it from the narcissist’s end.

You’d first have to acknowledge and accept the imbalance of love, care, compassion, and empathy. Even your most basic needs would come second to the narcissist’s wants.

It would be like living with an adult toddler who’s far too inept to grow out of their childish ways. Don’t even bother with trying, for they will most likely fail in taking responsibility for their actions. They can’t and they certainly won’t.

In most cases, you will have the harsh reality that you may not be faithfully loved by them. And even then, you will only be acknowledged if you provide some kind of benefit for the narcissist — i.e. sexual, financial, attention, etc.

However, once all resources (supply) have been sucked or drained, they will not think twice on replacing you and moving onto the next person they can siphon from.

And gosh forbid you try to stand up for yourself. Because, boy if you do, you might just get punished for it. You’ll be subjected to the silent treatment and waves of malicious rage to name of few.

Any attempt to fix or “make it work” will ultimately turn the tables in which YOU’LL be the one apologizing for something THEY did to you. So also accept giving up any respect you have for yourself if you wish to survive the relationship.

As suggested previously, “making it work” will be a disservice towards your self-respect, love, pride, but most important any and all boundaries. Whole-heartedly giving your heart on a plate to a narcissist is the direct invitation for them to stomp on it so long as they please. Exploit it as they see fit, while leaving you scarred once you’re no longer of use. Forever, left to cope with what was.

This is what’s possible in store if you give your heart to the narcissist.

But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Best bet to save yourself from eventual heartache, find it in yourself to walk away.

Do so before they could ever get the chance to first.

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